Let me capture your love story...

I believe every love, whether it may be family love, friendly love, or the intimate love between a couple, has a truly unique story to tell. I want to be blessed enough to share that story. I'M A WEDDING & PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER BASED IN Vero Beach, Florida. after living in South Africa for just over four years, my husband and I have recently moved back to Vero Beach Florida. we are looking forward to this new chapter. 

Just for Fun! 

1. I started my photography business in 2012 in the United States. Thats when my love for wedding photography started. I now do weddings all over and am always down for a new adventure

2. I grew up in the United States, even though I was born in South Africa. 

3. I met the man of my prayers in 2015, few months later we got married!

when you know, you know...

4. We were blessed with our most precious little gift in April 2019

5. I love decorating my house like 1000 times throughout the year. 

6. Oreos & milk, smarties (m&ms) and popcorn, and shwepps lemonade & passionfruit are some of my midnight editing snacks. 

7. I love being a mommy, I think if I had to choose a different job other then photography, I would have a studio dedicated to montessori play. 

8. If my husband and I had all the money to live our hobby it would be to scout out all the thrift, antique and charity shops. We love old treasures

9. My husband is a Neapolitan singer as well as an Evangelist, and I'm his biggest fan! 

10. I love the outdoors. The mountains and the ocean are two places I find inspiring and they are two spots that bring a lot of peace to my soul. 

11. In my free time I love capturing images of my daughter playing on the farm, the horses, and anything else nature related.